Who we are

Farm Family

We are a ten-acre, equine-powered, family-run polyculture farm located in Grundy County, Illinois, approximately 65 miles southwest of Chicago. 

We see ourselves not just as a farm, but as a living system comprised of both the native and domestic, coexisting in balance throughout every season, so that nature is better served by our time here.

Our goals are simple. To live within limits, to appreciate what we have, to be good to the earth and all creatures, to provide food for others, and to be gentle farmers.

 Meet the members of the Bray Grove Farm Family


Farmer, lover of animals, vegetables, soil, compost, hard work, writing, reading, and . . .


Artist, farmer, skilled mucker, weeder, and packer, visually embracing it all


Amish draft mule adoptee, Brian's field teacher and flirtatious girlfriend


Strong and affectionate addition from Lancaster, full of youthful energy and spirit


Farm overseer, shelter adoptee, senior resident with little tolerance for shenanigans, Mommy's little girl.


Unsuccessful at being Penelope's best friend, which makes her look like the saddest cat in the world - or Abe Vigoda


Former abandoned barn cat, the friendliest, snuggliest, lil guy, always getting into mischief


"Silver fox" might be the tiniest, but she's the toughest fighter of all the cats, and mice are no match to her

Windy Wiggles and Billie Jo

In addition to keeping the bug population down, our Welsh Harlequin ducks provide delicious eggs. Plus they're wacky and quacky and make us laugh.

Ruth Asawa Ginsburd, Greta Duckberg, Tess Asplunduck, and Pirate Jenny

The four Black Swedish ducks are still too young to lay eggs. They're keeping everyone on guard as they learn to play nice with the two senior ducks.

In Fond Memory Of

Cowboy 1985-2017

Beloved rescue horse, cranky but lovable self-appointed leader, lover of the ladies

Otis 2008-2021

Former abandoned senior barn cat, aka Toshiro Mifune, gentle and wise

Emmylou 2003-2022

Sweet little sister to Loretta, loved apple treats and writing poetry

Betty Jo

From our original flock, a friendly and well-mannered dark beauty.

Debbie Dwaddles

Distinguished by her white feathers, voted Ms Congeniality

Steve Elliot

Handsome and diligent flock overseer, father to Katie Jo and Elliot


Son of Steve and ? Not a classic looker, he was a rather reckless rascal.

Katie Jo

Hatched from one of the flock's incubated eggs, dedicated sister to Elliot