Food safety protocols


We are honored for the opportunity to provide you with healthy, fresh, local produce. Given the circumstances the Coronavirus has introduced to our everyday lives, shopping for food has become difficult. Understanding your desire to obtain food in a convenient and safe manner, we offer our on-farm CSA pickup in addition to implementing an expanded area delivery option for our CSA members.

The Bray Grove Farm Community’s health and safety is of the utmost importance to us especially during these current times. We have always practiced safe food protocols in the handling of our produce for CSAs and farmers’ markets. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are following the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the State of Illinois, and other organizations in implementing further measures. There isn’t any documented evidence of transfer of the virus through food, but we want to take every precaution.

Our farm follows procedures to ensure the sanitation and safety of your food throughout its growing, harvesting, packing, and distribution. We will be implementing the following:

  • Brian and Joanne will be the only people handling your produce. We will not have off-farm help, thus allowing for a closed system without the need for physical distancing with employees or the added danger of an uncontrolled factor. We are following the CDC’s and Illinois’ advice for physical distancing, sanitizing, hand washing, and sheltering in place.

  • Produce will be minimally handled to ensure freshness and safety.

  • Food contact surfaces and containers will be regularly sanitized.

  • We will continue regular hand washing with soap and water through harvesting and packing in addition to hand sanitizing during CSA deliveries and farmers’ markets.

  • Our delivery vehicle will be sanitized before and after delivery routes.

Out of abundance of caution, we recommend that Bray Grove Farm members observe the following:

  • On-farm pickup members should remain in your car, pop your trunk or door, and we will put your share in your vehicle.

  • Please maintain at least 6 feet of physical distancing at all times.

  • If you are not feeling well or show any signs of illness, please find someone else to pickup your CSA share.

  • Residential deliveries will be left outside your door. If possible, we recommend leaving a large cooler outside into which we can place your produce for added freshness and to keep out elements. We will email or text you upon delivery.
  • Produce should be placed in appropriate refrigeration or cold storage. All vegetables should be thoroughly washed before use.