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Raccoon Condo

For those of you who have expressed a concern over the well-being of our neighbor and resident Procyon lotor named Ralph, he seems to be well and may I say somewhat relieved that warm weather is finally here. After collectively deciding that neither our animal barn nor our hay barn was the best home for a raccoon, the ever resourceful Ralph has found what we all feel makes a great permanent abode for one tired old raccoon. 

We have this half-dead buckeye in front of our farm house that has this great big knot hole about three feet off the ground. As Ralph is either not fond of heights or simply not keen on climbing, he has taken to this hollow tree. So each day, as Loretta, Emmylou, and I are headed off to the field to work, we pass this old buckeye and we see, sound asleep in his bed, old Ralph, dreaming raccoon dreams.

They've Fledged! Happy Independence Day!

The two baby robins we assisted by building them a makeshift shelter, survived and have left the nest. Over the course of a week we watched the little ones turn from naked, closed-eye hatchlings with pin feathers into wide-eyed baby birds. The last sighting was of one of the young birds tucked into some nearby overgrown grass, waiting for the afternoon feeding from Mom. By now, they've learned to fly and have joined the other Turdus Migratorius that call our farm home.

Go forth and eat bugs little birds! We have plenty.

Baby Robins

After the previous night's 4 inches of rain and high winds, Sunday morning we found a nest on the ground that had fallen and disintegrated. One of the baby robins was dead but two were still breathing, albeit soaked and on the muddy ground with bugs. So I built an ad hoc nest using a cardboard box and some hay, nailed it to a dead tree near where they fell, gently placed the babies in this new nest, and stayed away. This morning while doing barn chores we watched as their mother was making runs to the little cardboard box and feeding the two siblings. They aren't out of the woods yet, the new nest is a bit bedraggled from the latest round of rain, but their eyes are now open and they have downy feathers started. So keep your fingers crossed!